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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system. We usually think of these as germs that cause diseases.It has long been used as treatment in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. To get the full benefits of Probiotics However, it must come with the right support ingredients.

Probiotics biggest challenge is Survivability Alpha Probiotics has Solved the problem!

Probiotics biggest
challenge is Survivability Alpha Probiotics has Solved the problem!

Ok, you now know that probiotics have some seriously impressive health benefits, but if you've been doing your homework, then you probably also know that probiotics are poorly absorbed by the body - making survivability a MAJOR issue. Survival Rate is the amount of a substance that actually enters your bloodstream so you get the health benefits you're looking for. Without it you're just wasting your money.

We've Solved The Problem.

Alpha Probiotics has discovered a unique, holistic blend of Premium Strains, clinically studied and proven to survive.

Unlike the many probiotics you find on the market today, Alpha Probiotics contains exclusively spore-forming strains. These strains have been clinically proven 1000X more effective than non-spore forming strains. Spore-Forming strains are heatresistant, meaning they can actually survive the trip to your stomach! Unlike generic strains of probiotics that require refrigeration, and will provide very little benefit, spore-forming strains are guaranteed to survive and that's why Alpha Probiotics contains ONLY spore-forming strains, in the clinical dosages you need.

All Of The Power Of Medical Grade Probiotics

Alpha probiotics offers many health benefits thanks to its high concentration of spore form bacteria

Helps Your Body Digestion
Restores Complexion
Helps Reduce Weight
Enhances Energy
Helps Your Body Detoxify
A Healthy Heart

Probiotics Helps to Fight Free Radical Damage and relieve gas, bloating, diarrhea, and Indigestion !

Just 2 softgels a day puts you back in control of your body, brain and how you age. Supercharge your life now - look and feel years younger.

  • Digestive Support

    The right probiotic gets your gut health back on track. Instead of feeling searing pain or bloating in your tummy that sometimes keeps you up at night, you'll notice that your constipation, bloating food sensitivities, cramps, and diarrhea decrease, and even disappear altogether.

  • Reduced Inflammation

    Not long ago, scientists thought that bowel disorders like IBS, Colitis, and Crohn's Disease were autoimmune conditions resulting from the immune system attacking itself and causing inflammation. Now, however, scientists realize that immune system is attacking harmless bacteria and food in the gut.1 Restoring balance can reduce, and even eliminate, inflammation.

  • Stronger Immune System

    Do you catch the majority of the colds and illnesses circulating at work and in your social circle? Given that 70% of the body's immune function resides in the gut, getting sick more than once or twice a year could indicate a serious imbalance in your gut.2

  • Increased Weight Loss

    There's no denying that losing weight when we get older is more challenging. But, it doesn't have to be. A healthy gut flora helps metabolize food better while also restoring your hormones to an ideal balance.

  • Wake Up Feeling Happy

    Remember when you were a kid and every day felt like Christmas morning? As we get older, digestive issues, a poor diet and stress deplete our body of serotonin (the chemical that makes us happy). 95% of serotonin is found in the gut, and when the microbiome is "off," serotonin production decreases dramatically.3

  • Enhance Brain Function

    Forget nootropics. Your brain functions best when it is nourished from within. The gut is often referred to as the body's "second brain," and how it functions directly affects your mental state. Studies now show that cognitive abilities are enhanced when the gut has a healthy and diverse microbiome.4

  • Reduce Junk Food Cravings

    Did you know that whether you feel hungry or full is controlled by hormones? A proper gut balance ensures you have plenty of Leptin (the hormone that makes you feel full), and it keeps Ghrelin in check. Ghrelin, which is alarmingly similar to Gremlin, is what makes you hungry.

Just like other supplements, not all probiotics are made equal. Unfortunately, you'll find around 90% of the probiotic supplement on the market are filled with ineffective strains, unnecessary fillers, an unhealthy amount of CFUs, and a low survival rate which makes them useless.

Alpha Probiotics is not just different.. it's better! We formulate for maximum survivability and absorption which REQUIRES three things that most probiotics brands don't, or can't, deliver:

The Most “Viable” Strains of Probiotics Available

The #1 difference is how the 9.4 billion cells in Alpha Probiotics arrive ALIVE in the small intestine — the way nature intended. If probiotics donʼt survive the harsh stomach acid inside your digestive tract, you may as well toss them in the TRASH…

This is why most refrigerated probiotics don't work — if a probiotic can't survive at room temperature — how would it survive in your 98.6-degree body?

Synergistic Supporting Ingredients for More Health Benefits

Bacillus Coagulans

A promising probiotic strain that can lower insulin levels, improve cholesterol, and reduce arthritis, as well as enhance muscle recovery in athletes. Additionally, Bacillus Coagulans has been proven to reduce IBS symptoms and treat GI diseases, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Bacillus Clausii

With a remarkable ability to resist antibiotics, Bacillus Clausii is often used to offset their side effects. But more importantly, itʼs been known to survive past the harsh stomach and small intestine environment to fight off viruses, diseases, and digestive issues in the GI tract. Bacillus Clausii has also been used to effectively fight recurrent respiratory infections and UTIs.

Bacillus Subtilis HU58

A unique probiotic strain with unparalleled survivability, B. Subtilis effortlessly passes through harsh environments to help populate the GI tract with beneficial bacteria to reduce IBS symptoms and fight ulcerative colitis, alleviate diarrhea and constipation, boost immunity, help with weight loss, and treat acne-prone skin.

Saccharomyces Boulardii

This special species of probiotic yeast helps modulate the immune system, decrease inflammation, and seal your gut lining to improve digestion and fight disease-causing organisms. It also helps to fight inflammation, which many doctors and physicians believe is the main source of many diseases.

Pediococcus Acidilactici

One of the top soil-based probiotic strains, Pediococcus Acidilactici helps reduce inflammation, improve GI tract function, and repopulate your gutʼs natural microbiome. Additionally, with a unique ability to create antimicrobial agents, this strain improves the immune system by killing and preventing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, including pathogenic bacteria.

This unique combination of spore-forming strains does what standard probiotic formulas just canʼt!

  • Significantly decreased gas, bloating, and indigestion
  • Increased energy boost without a “crash”
  • Improved metabolism
  • Diminished sugar and junk cravings
  • Increased cravings for real, healthy foods
  • More regular bathroom habits
  • Clear, healthier-looking skin
  • Better, more balanced moods

Get Your 30 Day Supply

Try it and if you don't feel a difference, it's money back time. There's no risk.

QUESTIONS? E-mail - support@alphaprobiotic.com or call +1 214 369 5117

Find Relief and Finally Get Your Life Back -WITHOUT Damaging Side Effects

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John H.

The supplement tastes really good. The scoop serving size tastes good when mixed with water, but I found that if I use a heaping scoop, rather than just to the top of the scoop, that it tastes even better. So a little more is better. After using it a few days (one glass), I did notice that it did give me more energy through the day. It did curb cravings for snacks in between meals, which is good. I am pleased with the purchase and how it makes me feel. I am only doing one glass a day, vs another glass in the evening.

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Ruth S.

I have been drinking the Green Juice every morning for a year now. It tastes so good. I no longer take supplements as this has everything in one little scoop. My skin has cleared and I have instant energy upon drinking it. I highly recommend to anyone looking to change the way they feel. AMAZING!!!!

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Lidia P.

I have been taking Green Juice for six month or so and I love it. I enjoy not having to taste the bitterness of the greens in it. I do feel more energized and my belly feels good when drinking it.

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Micheal D.

I have been taking Green Juice for six month or so and I love it. I enjoy not having to taste the bitterness of the greens in it. I do feel more energized and my belly feels good when drinking it.

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