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"I have used probiotics for many years, and this probiotic far outweighs them all..."
— Clarissa W.

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If you’re one of the millions of people living with digestive issues, we don’t have to tell you how unfair it is when something as simple as eating dinner leaves you with stomach discomfort, or bubbles of embarrassing gas. And don’t get us started on those regularity issues.

Many people are reluctant to talk to their doctors about their digestive issues. Yet, it’s important to know that ALL these things you’re feeling are far more than annoyances.

The health of your gastrointestinal tract affects your overall health…including oxidative stress, mood, even your immune health! Plus, your gut affects many processes happening silently within your body—so gut health issues aren’t something you ever want to ignore. Instead, take them as signals that you need to get your gut back in balance.

With Gut Health, We’re ALL Fighting an Uphill Battle

Our food is overprocessed. Herbicides and pesticides have stripped our foods of the vital organisms we need for healthy digestion and elimination. Plus, stress, and even age, are wreaking havoc on our guts.

If you’re like most people, you try to solve the issue by popping a traditional probiotic—only to be disappointed when nothing changes. That’s because many probiotics contain billions of bacteria, but only a few strains of the most common types. Plus, many of them begin dissolving in the stomach, so the probiotics are destroyed before they can reach their destination.

To make matters worse, some probiotics are filled with artificial colors and flavorings which contribute to the very same problems you’re trying to solve.

What Would It Take to Get Your Gut Back in Balance?

Naturopathic physician Dr. Mark Saginor is a "health detective" and gut health expert who has solved some of the toughest digestive issues.

What he’s found is that to improve digestion—and the health of your entire GI tract—you need a multi-pronged approach…one that fortifies both your upper and lower GI tracts with probiotics and fermented botanicals to support the actions of the probiotics in your gut.

It’s also important to protect the probiotics and botanicals, ensuring they reach your intestines where your body needs them. When you put all these things together, it can feel like a digestive revolution!

Now, Dr. Mark Saginor has found a way to roll all his top digestion-boosting recommendations into one powerful formula that’s available directly to you, without an office visit or prescription.

Introducing Alpha Probiotics® Gut Support Advanced
The Probiotic That Helps Get Everything Working as It Should

Just ONE capsule every day comprehensively supports your digestion—restoring balance to your system so everything works as it should!

  • Comfortable digestion
  • A healthy GI tract
  • Normal bowel movements
  • Less bloating
  • Less stomach upset
  • Less gas

When You Take the Right Probiotic, Amazing Things Start to Happen...

The clinically validated probiotics in Alpha Probiotics go beyond supporting healthy digestion, showing improvements in mood, skin health, overall quality of life, and even in feeling more awake during the day!

Alpha Probiotics gives you four specialized microbiome blends in 11 individual strains that work together to give you maximum support for healthy, comfortable digestion and regularity.

How Can One Tiny Capsule Tackle Your Toughest Gut Health Concerns?

Alpha Probiotics gives you four specialized microbiome blends in 11 individual strains that work together to give you maximum support for healthy, comfortable digestion and regularity.

Improves gas and bowel movements—plus reduces stinky stools!

With our modern-day farming practices, we’re no longer getting enough soil-based organisms (SBOs) from our diets—and SBOs are important because they have a spore coating that makes them incredibly resilient. So unlike other probiotics that disintegrate in transit, they safely reach your intestinal tract where they help to support regularity and reduce gas. They even help to reduce those stinky stools!

Ensures balance throughout your digestive tract

Most people know bacteria-based probiotics are important for digestion, but did you know yeast is also critical? Healthy yeast crowds out the undesirable yeast you don’t want. Plus, these essential fungi are needed for a healthy microbiome and play a critical role in maintaining health.

Supports healthy digestion & regularity—minimizing gas & bloating

There are two types of probiotics your body needs to function as it should—Lactobacilli which supports your small intestine and bifidobacteria which supports your colon. Unfortunately, many formulas don't give you enough of the Bifido strains.

For Alpha Probiotics, Dr. Saginor handpicked the exact lacto- and bifido-based strains he has found most effective for digesting dairy, fats, and carbohydrates, and other hard-to-digest foods, and also reducing time it takes for food to pass through your colon.

Complements the beneficial action of the probiotics— boosting health

You may have heard fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha are important for gut health, but most of us don’t eat enough to make a real difference. Plus, many people count on yogurt, but there’s no guarantee that the beneficial bacteria are alive when you consume them.

That’s why Dr. Saginor included a unique blend of three traditionally used fermented botanicals that complement the probiotics: organic turmeric, organic ginger, and chlorella.

SMART-Release Delivery

SMART-Release Delivery buffers harsh stomach acid and guarantees beneficial probiotics are released gradually, helping populate the entire small and large intestine.

Special patented SMART-Release technology…

Protects & Releases the Delicate Probiotics—When & Where You Need Them

Many probiotic supplements dissolve way too soon! They disintegrate just 5 minutes after you take them and are destroyed by the harsh acids in your stomach. So, few (if any!) of the probiotics make their way to your intestines where they do their job of supporting healthy digestion. They’re essentially killed during their “commute” to work.

Alpha Probiotics capsules are made using special SMART-Release Technology. The special enteric capsule coating protects the delicate probiotics and doesn’t dissolve until 50 minutes AFTER you take it—so the probiotics survive your stomach acid and safely make their way to your intestines.

Then, and this is critical, the probiotics are slowly released over a 20-minute period, giving you wide coverage throughout your intestines. So, all of these digestion helpers show up at the exact right moment to support smooth digestion and then move to the colon to help support regularity.

Restore Balance in Your Gut & Feel the Difference!

No more taking a probiotic and wondering whether it’s working. Packed with 4 gut-supporting microbiome blends, Alpha Probiotics comprehensively supports your digestion & regularity.

Feel the difference when your gut works as it should! Plus, your immune system is connected to your gut health—so getting everything in balance is important not only for your digestion but your overall health as well.

The majority of customers feel Dr. Saginor Alpha Probiotics are more effective than other formulas they have tried.*

“I have been blessed with excellent results. I have used probiotics for many years and this probiotic far outweighs them all.

– Clarissa W.

“I bought this to help develop my microbiome. My elimination improved tremendously, more frequent and better quality. ”

– Sharone L.

“I started this probiotic and can already see results. I am so pleased. I will continue taking Alpha Probiotics. This is the best probiotic I have ever used.“

– Lillian D.

“I bought this for my husband who hasn’t had much success with probiotics up to this point. It’s really helping with his stomach troubles and he absolutely loves it!


“I am excited about Alpha Probiotics because my symptoms have improved! I’ve had gut issues for a long time & I thought it was just another product that would be ineffective. I was wrong! I have NO plans to stop taking this probiotic! It works for me!“

– Online review
*Based on a February 2020 Consumer Survey of Gut Restore family product customers with 89 responses, where 55% selected “more effective.”

Clean & Green Quality Promise

Alpha Probiotics is formulated to meet stringent quality standards with thoroughly screened raw materials, 100% batch testing, and independent verification of purity and potency.
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Corn Free


Try Alpha Probiotics at a Special Low Price—Risk-Free!

We invite you to try Alpha Probiotics yourself risk-free! We guarantee you will NOTICE the difference with more comfortable digestion, less gas and bloating, reduced occasional constipation and discomfort—plus a better mood and an overall healthier-feeling you!

You’ll EXPERIENCE all of this with 100% certainty or you’ll get every penny back—no questions asked!

by Dr. Saginor

Dr. Saginor is a board-certified practicing naturopathic doctor and self-described "health detective." He has a passion for promoting natural healing and improving quality of life by addressing "health care" rather than "disease care."

Dr. Saginor holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, America’s top naturopathic and integrative medical school, and he has a vibrant, successful practice in Northern California. In his practice, he often focuses on the gut microbiome and finding the missed connections between symptoms and underlying health issues.

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“I'm still on the healing journey and it's been a million times better. I definetely find Alpha Probiotics very helpful to my Digestion and Emotional Balance.”
Josh Menna

Alpha Probiotics

“Alpha Probiotics was such a prominent figure in my change. I feel better, I feel lighter, I feel like I'm more in the body that I should have had. My body was just like crying out for help.”
Tessa Marie

Alpha Probiotics

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Testing & Certifications


Raw Material Sourcing & Qualifying

Sample a supplier batch from our certified suppliers. If sample passes specific herb specs,the entire batch proceeds forward. On receipt of entire batch, materials are mixed together & tested once again. If test matches initial sample test, the herb is taken forward for extraction.


In Process Testing

If both intermediate tests meet the known standards, the extract is then dried & tested under the finished extract protocol; which includes microbiology & heavy metals.


Finished Product Testing

Each finished product is tested for its identity, potency and purity. This ensures, the finished product has been maintained and has no microbiological contamination during manufacturing. Furthermore, final heavy metal & micro’s are tested on the finished product.

Facilities approved/audited by the National Sanitation Foundation

Manufactured in FDA Registered Facilities

Manufacturing, packaging, testing performed in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practices